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Government Financing Programs

Government Equipment Leasing

Leasing is not just a financing method for small business. In fact, government departments of all types have recently discovered that leasing offers numerous benefits that include not only tax advantages, but also the ability to plan for long term budgets. Access' leasing agents can help your department lease equipment today, from any reputable equipment vendor you specify. We can even help government organizations get corporate aircraft leasing terms.

Flexible Leasing

Our program offers government departments and related organizations the ability to finance 100% of equipment costs without any up-front down payments. Also notable is the ability to include such soft costs as software, services and shipping into your total lease payments.

Leasing lets you ensure that your department pays for any equipment over time, a process which enables you to match the cash outflow with the benefits of the equipment, thereby conserving budget cash-on-hand for other purchases.

Legal Compliance Benefits

Lease purchases have additional benefits to government departments, including the ability to permit termination upon legislative non appropriation - which effectively means a lease is not classified as a debt, nor as a general obligation. In departments where voter approval is necessary for large purchases, this can be a superb option.

Asset Management Benefits

With certain equipment, great advantages are available with leasing, mainly because a leasing agreement can be a flexible way to match the useful life of the equipment with the payment plan. This is particularly important in the case of computer or IT assets, which typically can grow obsolete quicker than other equipment. With Access Equipment Leasing, you gain the benefit of several options and extremely flexible terms on all leases.

Read more about how Government Leasing can be an effective financing choice here.

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