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There has been a wave of change as far as where and how people work and the biggest adaptation we've seen is people moving their career operations to the home front. Working from home is not something that everyone can do but for those with the means and the discipline, it is proving to be one of the most popular career routes to-date. There are several industries in existence now that draw from the strength of the home working work force and this has created many opportunities for people who, for several reasons, are otherwise unable to work in a traditional external office setting. Some of these industries include functions that are outsourced by companies such as accounting, administration and I.T. support. Other industries are part of the freelance realm and they include copywriters, graphic artists and web designers. Due to the changes in the career landscape we're experiencing now, homes and their functions are changing too in that they are becoming offices in their own right. While working from home affords people a level of comfort and autonomy, there is still actual work to be done and so a designated space or area is paramount to productivity. While many of us in theory do not have the room to create an office space at home, if this is the career path you've chosen, you have to make sacrifices. Even a guest room, kitchen pantry or nook off the living room can be more than enough for you to consolidate your home-to-office project. Below we've shared a couple tips on how to do this successfully:

1.     Sometimes to get space you have to create it and this often entails getting rid of things that you already have occupying your potential home office. You can go the traditional route of having a garage sale and enjoying the additional bonus of making some cash while you clear out - but what about the things that are in the way but you don't want to sell or donate? For these treasured items, storage is the way to go. When you put things in storage, you know that they are safe and won't be tampered with. It is also an added comfort to know that when you're in a position to re-accommodate them in your home that you will be able to. For tips and information on how to successfully put your items into storage, visit and peruse websites like
2.     To maximize on limited space it is always a good idea to invest in items that have more than one function or purpose. Single purpose items lead to clutter and disarray and when space is important you don't have it to waste. Make sure you get a desk or table that has drawers and one that can suspend hanging folders; this way you will knock both a work surface and filing cabinet off of your list. An all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machine makes a lot of sense in a small home office and will be a valuable addition to your home work operations. 

It is important to remember that when you work from home, that you consolidate your work operations to one area. Even if you live on your own, you still need your house to be a home and be the place that you can relax at the end of your work day. 

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