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Equipment Lease

Determining what kind of equipment lease you choose is very important to the way you approach leasing. Many leasing companies try to offer "one size fits all" forms of equipment leasing, but we have found that this approach rarely works, and in fact leads many lessees to discover Access. Customization is the name of our game when it comes to equipment leases, and here are just a few of the options we offer our clients.

Flexible Payment Schedules or Skip Lease
Not every business creates cash flow at the same rate every month of every year. In fact, if you are an entrepreneur, you understand that this is rarely the case. With an equipment lease from Access, you can be assured that your payments can be structured to place payments heaviest during the good months, and lightest during the "not so good" months.

We have worked with thousands of seasonal businesses in the past, including tourist companies, agricultural companies, and construction. We have the experience to customize an equipment lease for you.

Various Leasing Types
Not every piece of equipment deserves the same kind of equipment lease. This is why we offer various buyout, term and payment options to ensure your equipment leasing experience is satisfying. As an example, for computer leasing or equipment which becomes obsolete, we typically suggest a True or Operating lease, simply because it makes sense. This lease typically is for equipment which will definitely be replaced at end of term (as is often the case with a medical equipment lease), so a buyout is rarely added on the lease.

The Finance and/or Capital Lease
The finance or capital lease is the choice for companies who would really prefer to own their equipment once the equipment lease has completed, but would prefer to use the power of leasing to obtain their equipment today.

The cost savings and cash flow budgeting features of a lease can definitely be helpful for controlling your finances, and the Capital Lease typically allows you to buy the equipment out for a nominal cost, such as $1.00. Plus, a capital lease does not stress your credit as a loan would, which frees up your credit for important day to day activities.

One of the most popular, yet unique forms of equipment lease, is the sale-leaseback form. This allows companies which have already purchased their equipment to effectively "lease it back", in order to raise cash for investment or day-to-day purposes. This works well, as the depreciation falls on the leasing company, and not your company. An excellent choice for a smaller company just beginning to establish itself.

Of course, this is merely a primer of the types of equipment lease that Access offers. To see more leasing types, click here.

To find out more about Access Equipment Leasing, please contact us here, or at our toll free number below. To apply for a lease online, click here, or get a quick lease quote here.

Access Equipment Leasing

582 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA