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Commercial Truck Leasing

At Access Equipment Leasing, we offer both end user and dealer commercial truck leasing plans. In addition to not having to come up with the money to purchase new commercial and business vehicles, there are additional tax advantages to leasing. Rather than having to access your business line of credit or your capital, you instead have a monthly payment. The lease payment will not affect your open credit in the same way that a large loan will, meaning you have freed up credit and capital that can be used for other supplies and equipment.

Since there are so many factors involved in commercial leasing, going with an experienced company can save you a lot of money, and a lot of time. As you probably noticed when you came to our website, we offer our clients - new and old - as much information as possible. We want you to make an informed choice, which is why we explain leasing terminology, and constantly update our FAQ section. And an informed choice is crucial because commercial truck leasing can be so advantageous to your company's cash flow. As is business auto leasing, which is another one of our specialties.

Types of trucks we lease

If you read through some of our industry specific examples of items we have arranged leases for, then you probably realized that we have a lot of experience in different areas. This experience enables us to remain very competitive, which means we can offer you the best rate possible. Plus, we pride ourselves on our fast service, meaning you can get the trucks you need right away, and offer you volume financing discounts, particularly when it comes to fleet leasing situations. And if you are trying to expand your business, then you know how important time can be to your success.

Here are a few samples of the kinds of trucks we have leased to our clients:

" Construction vehicles: dump trucks, earth movers, bull dozers, backhoes.
" Utility vehicles: tow trucks, panel trucks, delivery trucks, cargo vans.
" Transport vehicles: tractor trailers, semis, and specialized container vehicles.

Custom leases to suit your needs At Access, we know that you have a lot of choices when you decide to lease. We also know that no to business are alike, so we don't try and make our clients sign a standard leasing agreement. Instead, we work with our clients to customize a lease that will work for their business. Even if your industry is seasonal, or your cash flow is sporadic, we can work out a flexible payment plan that will suit your particular situation. Plus, we can also offer end of lease purchase options, should you desire to keep the trucks at the end of the lease.

Commercial truck leasing can help your company grow, or maybe you just want to update your equipment. Whatever the reason, we can offer leases for amounts from $10,000 to $5 million, so why not contact us to discuss your needs? Our commitment to all of our customers is to provide them with a fast, competitive quote, usually within 24 hours of their application.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to start your application, please contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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