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Business auto leasing

Business auto leasing can be a great benefit for both individuals and companies. At Access, we have worked with both end-users and companies, helping them to secure leases that work with their budgets. There are many advantages to business auto leasing, and also commercial truck leasing, and it might just be an excellent strategy for you.

Financial Benefits
Leasing a company car is nothing new, and it is done everyday by both large and small businesses across North America. Every business has to worry about cash flow, regardless if they are brand new or established. A major purchase involving one or several automobiles can seriously affect the cash flow or credit line of any business. That's where leasing comes in.

A lease negates the cash outflow, since you no longer have to come up with the purchase price. Rather than dip into your credit line or cash, you arrange for a monthly lease payment that works within your budget. A lease payment will not affect your available credit in the same way that borrowing will, and most lease payments are fully tax deductible.

Purchasing a vehicle also introduces a depreciating asset into your business. And even if it takes 5 years or longer to pay off that vehicle, the odds are it will be worth a lot less by the time you make that last payment. Plus, you are then left with an out of date vehicle, which is no longer under warranty. With a lease, you can walk away from the vehicle when the lease expires, allowing you to lease a new vehicle. But if you want to keep the vehicle, no problem. A lease purchase option can be built into the contract, meaning you can buy out the vehicle at the end of the lease at a reduced price.

In addition to tax savings and maintenance costs, business auto leasing offers your company a competitive advantage. If your vehicle is industry-specific, then being able to update every few years might be the difference between expanding or contracting your operation. And if you run a smaller operation, a lot of people like to drive newer vehicles to radiate success and confidence to their clients. After all, nobody wants to be picked up by a CEO driving a ten year old car.

Access Equipment Leasing & the customized lease
At Access, we like to offer our clients as much flexibility as possible. This means we get to know your business, so that we can arrange a lease that accommodates your company's cash flow. And even if you don't have a seasonal business, you might have other special requirements. Our professional leasing experts can help. You can contact us online, or call us.

Business auto leasing through Access Equipment Leasing has worked for many of our clients in the past, many of whom are repeat clients. We would love to get started working on your needs, so why not call today? Also, check out our other vehicle leasing programs.

We promise you professional, fast service, and the most competitive leasing quotes in North America. Regardless of the size of your operation, or your needs, we are here to help.

Click here to contact us, or fill out an application here and get started today!

Access Equipment Leasing

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