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Agricultural Equipment Leasing

Leasing agricultural equipment, which can include a wide variety of heavy machinery, is a choice thousands of farming and agricultural entrepreneurs make every year across the United States. In fact, some recent industry statistics show that over $5 billion worth of agricultural equipment is leased each year by farm and agribusiness entrepreneurs.

Leasing agricultural equipment is a positive choice simply because of its numerous advantages. When compared with other forms of financing, leasing has the edge, mainly because of its tax deductibility, cash flow stability, balance sheet consistency, write-off capabilities, simple upgrades and quick processing. Additionally, equipment lease financing is simply easier than qualifying for a bank loan. Access Equipment Leasing has helped thousands of farm concerns and agricultural companies lease the equipment they need to succeed in today's tough business environment. Contact us today, and get your company's equipment financed immediately!

Agricultural Equipment Leasing Facts
Leasing enables you to structure and customize a financing schedule which addresses your business' needs, including managing cash flow, budgeting, and cyclical fluctuations central to your industry. Many farmers require seasonal leases, as an example, to better allow them to schedule their payments during cash-flow positive months.

Agricultural Equipment Lease Types
Access leases various types of Ag equipment, which for our customers, have included the following:

  • Harvesting and planting machines
  • Tractors
  • Dairy machinery
  • Food processing gear
  • Livestock equipment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Hay and cotton bailers
  • Plastic Molding Equipment Leasing

Agricultural Equipment Leasing Tools
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